TOYS AND GAMES: Three Misused Words That Drive Me Crazy!

I’m ripe for mistakes just as much as the next guy, particularly when I write a blog without an editor, so I’m not one to get up on the soapbox. Still, there are three misused words that drive me crazy.

Take prototype. TV people butcher this one on a consistent basis. An announcer will say, “Jack Feelgood is the prototypical tight end” or “Sammy Touchdown is a prototypical linebacker.”  A prototype is unique, thus “stereotypical” is the word they are looking for but never seem to find when describing these players.


Using “cement” to describe “concrete.”  Cement is an ingredient used to make concrete, which is an aggregate that also includes water, sand, and rock.

Finally, there’s the misuse of the abstract noun “notoriety” of which “notorious” is the corresponding adjective.

“Famous” is all about being honored for achievement.  So when an announcer says, “Jack Football received a lot of notoriety for his charity work” he or she is saying just the opposite.  Though “notorious” once served as a term for “widely known” the word has evolved to a word of condemnation.

That’s all I got.

TOYS AND GAMES: Fourth of July in New York

New York gets jazzed for the annual Fourth of July fireworks show, so the people arrived en mass Saturday night to watch the patriotic extravaganza from the banks of the East River.

New York City Fireworks
“Fireworks over the East Village of New York City” by David Shankbone

Thus, the subways were cramped, making one fully aware of what a pillow feels like when stuffed into a Pringles container.

Herds of fireworks fans moved east toward the river, while I walked west to dine. All the while I felt as though I was watching animals march in pairs toward an ark and I was the only one who didn’t know who this guy Noah was.


Grabbing a coke and a slice while in New York remains one of life’s simple pleasures and one of which I took full advantage over the weekend.


Did anybody else notice the reports about contract talks between Marcus Mariota and the Titans stalling because he would not agree to a clause preventing him from surfing? And everybody thought Jameis Winston was a trouble maker.


Finally, how about this saying from a poster that was forwarded to me:

“Forgiving you means I no longer dwell on what an asshole you are. It doesn’t mean you’re no longer an asshole.”

Was there a message in there? Three guesses who sent that my way.