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Bill Chastain is the author of multiple titles of fiction and non-fiction. Currently he covers Major League Baseballís Tampa Bay Rays for

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Kindle version of The Streak now available!

Peachtree Corvette Club and The Streak are humming along on Kindle. What a great way to enjoy books!

There was no question that you liked the free Kindle download of Peachtree Corvette Club during our Labor Day Special, and for that reason, it won't be long before we roll out another special to one of the other books in our collection... check back to our site often, or click on contact, and let us know what you want to hear about and we'll share special offers and other rants and ravings.

Signed copies of any title on this site are available for the cost of the book plus postage and handling. Copies of the revised edition of "September Nights" autographed by James Shields are available. In addition, paperback copies of "Payne at Pinehurst" are also available. Site is not yet equipped for handling credit cards, but you can order using email via the contact section of this site.