TOYS AND GAMES: Marriage, Security, Cantore, and Six-Team Playoff

After 32 years of marriage, I’ve learned that I can do whatever I want–I just have to ask Patti what I want.


During the Rays’ final series of the season in Arlington, I followed the routine familiar to all baseball beat writers by arriving to the empty ballpark hours before the game and heading for the press box. Choosing a route that included an escalator, I began to walk up the moving stairs, which brought stern words from a security official–equipped with a flashlight and walky talky: “Walking on the escalator is strictly forbidden!”

Happily he did not have a taser.


You’ve got to agree that Jim Cantore reporting from your front lawn is far more disconcerting than any spaghetti model.


Nothing has changed my opinion that college football should have a six-team playoff that would include automatic bids to the champions of the power five conferences, plus one at-large team selected by the committee (no teams from the power five conferences would be eligible to become the at-large selection). The committee would slot the six teams with the top two receiving a bye week. I’ve yet to hear a good argument against this train of thought.

TOYS AND GAME: A Good Tight End

Recently I had the pleasure of hearing Homer Rice speak at a luncheon. The long-time coach and athletic director told a story about his first coaching job at Wartburg Central (Tenn.) High. Because the school was small and the budget tight, he had to strike a deal with the local prison to get equipment for his team. If Rice coached the inmates, the warden would provide equipment for the high school. In hindsight, Rice noted that the prison coaching job was the best he ever had because he didn’t have to deal with alumni, he had all home games, and when he heard a siren go off, he’d think, “I sure hope the sheriff picks up a good tight end.”


I’m a sucker for those “Then and Now” things on FaceBook. The other day I bit on a “Then and Now” for every Bond girl and began to scroll. To my dismay, Honor Blackman is now 91. Of course, Blackman played Pussy Galore in “Goldfinger.”


Equally irresistible to me are in-flight magazines. The ads in those things address the must-have items I never knew I needed. My favorite: The hat you wear that grows hair on your head.


Sad to see that Taz Anderson died. In August, I got to meet the former Georgia Tech great, who also played in the NFL, and I looked forward to getting to know him better. He had quite a personality and did a lot of good. He’ll be missed. RIP Taz.