Many years ago, I entered sports writing, the land of perpetual adolescence. Participants watch games, interview those who play games, and write about what they saw.  Famed sportswriter Dick Schaap allowed that he wanted to become a “hack” because he loved sports and “could not hit the curveball, the jump shot, or the opposing ball carrier.”  Talk about a shoe that fits.  Covering sports enabled me to travel to places I would never have seen—San Francisco resembled Mars upon first sight.

Sharing the journey with other sportswriters

enhanced the experience.

We enjoyed a lot of laughs.  Now I’m learning to become a fan again while indulging my passion to write books.

I love what I’m doing and I find the process gratifying. 

Finally, I’m blogging again. The subjects will vary, but they’ll never venture too far from books, writing, movies, and funny experiences.

Hopefully you’ll join me on the ride.  



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