The Streak

The Streak Cover 2.jpg

When Dorsey McWhorter is just a boy, his father, Big Ed, pulls a disappearing act. Known for his many affairs, Ed leaves his wife and child alone to pick up the pieces. That’s when young Dorsey meets local handyman Walter Mobley, a veteran of the Negro leagues who instills in Dorsey a love for baseball and serves as his mentor.

Dorsey becomes a rising star, but the pressures of the major leagues quickly take their toll. A chance meeting with a model on a plane leads to a whirlwind romance followed by a quick wedding. Left behind is Dorsey’s longtime girlfriend and soulmate, Kim.

Ten years later Dorsey’s marriage is crumbling, his injuries and carelessness have damaged his career, and he can no longer see the future he once envisioned. His relationship with his son, Sam, is hanging on by a thread. Can he ever hope to become a better person, or is he doomed to follow in his father’s footsteps?

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