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  • Bill Chastain

A positive for election day...

On election day, I bring you Thomas Jefferson. From what I've gathered, our nation's third president was ahead of his time. He had a positive outlook, which came through in this quote: “I like dreams of the future better than the truth of the past.”

A few guy things...

First, you have a chair, or a couch, in your bedroom or office on which you drape your clothes. This chaps the ass of your significant other, right?

How  many times have you broken the back of a shoe because you’re constantly slipping the shoe on and off without undoing the laces? Yours truly recently did so.  On the other side of the ball, Patti keeps her shoes in the boxes they came in.

And speaking of Patti. Nothing bums me out more than when she tells me I have to wear hard shoes?

Ned Garver died in 2017 at age 91. He is the only pitcher in major league history to have twenty wins in a season for a team that had more than 100 losses, which he did for the 1951 St. Louis Browns (Steve Carlton came close when he went 27-10 for the 97-loss Phillies of 1972). How bad were the Browns? Well, here’s a Garver quote used in his New York Times obituary: “The crowd didn’t dare boo us. The players had them outnumbered.”

When Men’s Health magazine published a study that said sex burns the same amount of calories for men as a 6-mile run, Argus Hamilton challenged the study. The comedian noted: “That’s so ridiculous. Nobody has ever run six miles in 30 seconds.”

Finally, a favorite from the late Bob Marley: “Some people feel the rain. Others get wet.”

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