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About that Reading List...

Recently I wrote about reaching my goal of reading 100 books in a year, and accomplishing that goal with a month to spare.

I noted that I read hard copies of books, and I read using my iPhone or Kindle. I'm intrigued by those who disdain the idea of using an electronic device. They have cited a number of reasons for staying old school. They like to turn the pages. They like the feel of the book. They like with way the book smells. Some have cited a bonding process that is created by holding and reading a book.

One friend said he enjoyed a small victory when sitting next to a woman on a plane. She was reading from her Kindle, and he was reading from his hard copy when the pilot declared, "All electronic devices must be turned off." Take that Kindle!

I'm not criticizing those anti Kindle-ites. To each his own. My decision to embrace Kindle and the electronic-book-reading world had nothing to do with taking a moral high ground to save trees. Rather my decision was based on ease.

Flash bask to a frustrating night. I was laying in bed trying to read Lonesome Dove. For those who have read Larry McMurtry's classic, you understand the struggle to hoist that thing above your face while trying to read. Like executing a bench press and not allowing the bar to return to your chest. Had I drifted off to sleep, that anvil might have plunked down on my head. So there were safety concerns, right?

I told myself there had to be a better way. I moved to Kindle, which did not require heavy lifting nor light. Ironically, I still have not read Lonesome Dove, though it remains on the list of books I want to read.

Of note, regarding the 100 books I read this year, not all were published in 2020. And, when I compared my list with the New York Times' list of top 2020 books. Only two books on my list made theirs: Sea Wife, by Amity Gaige, and Writers & Lovers, by Lily King.

I'm left to assume that my reading list might be considered pedestrian, and lacking "important" books. On the flip side, who cares? I enjoyed my selections.

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