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  • Bill Chastain

Adult Night…

“Swipe Right Night” — a Tinder-themed event at a recent Atlanta Hawks game, could be the precursor for an event I’ve always wanted to see held in professional sports: Adult Night.

Think about the possibilities. All games would begin at 9:30 or so–though there would be a Happy Hour prior to the start of the game. Hi-balls would be sold at concession stands, parimutuels would be ongoing via the scoreboard–including off-track wagering, no children allowed, and the foul poles? Well, use your imagination.

Love this one from “Cubs admit feeling pressure to win a World Series every 108 years now.”

Tell me this isn’t true (I don’t know who said it): The difference between crazy and eccentric is what’s in your bank account.

Gaylord Perry and the spitball were synonymous. Former Braves catcher Bruce Benedict caught Perry on many occasions likened throwing the ball back to Perry to throwing a bar of soap.

Former NFL great Marvin Harrison captured the essence of professional sports when he once noted: “I play for free. They pay me to practice.”

No doubt Thomas Jefferson arrived way ahead of his time. I particularly liked the third President’s positive outlook, which came through in this quote: “I like dreams of the future better than the truth of the past.”

And, finally, from Scott Ostler. The San Francisco Chronicle columnist came up with a list of reasons why President Trump did not throw out the first ceremonial pitch of the baseball season. Here’s my favorite: