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  • Bill Chastain

Adult Night

"Adult Night" is the promotion I’ve always wanted to see held at a major-league game.

Think about the possibilities. All games would begin at 9:30 or so. Happy Hour would take place prior to the start of the game. Hi-balls would be sold at concession stands. Pari-mutuels would be ongoing via the scoreboard–including off-track wagering. No children allowed. And the foul poles? Well, use your imagination.

Gainesville (Ga.) High School has a great nickname, the "Red Elephants." Herding around the team mascot must be a chore, but it is a unique name.

I used to think being a urine inspector (for lack of any better title) was the worst job. Urine inspectors accompany major league players to the toilet stalls to watch them give their sample. Now, based on events of this week, I believe being a vote counter during a presidential election is the worst.

Gaylord Perry and the spitball were synonymous. Former Braves catcher Bruce Benedict caught Perry on many occasions and likened throwing the ball back to Perry to throwing a bar of soap.

Former NFL great Marvin Harrison captured the essence of professional sports when he once noted: “I play for free. They pay me to practice.”

I’ve got a lot of stories from years of working construction.  Many involve the Taylor twins, Jessie James and Jessie Gene, who finished concrete for Norman Chastain Construction, Inc.  According to Jessie Gene, the twins once worked on a job that ran for 24-hours, seven days a week for several  months. Even though Jessie James worked one shift, and Jessie James worked the other, their boss did not know he had twins working for him. Thus, the checks were made out to Jessie Gene–complete with countless hours of overtime.  The brothers split the dough and enjoyed a laugh at the expense of The Man.