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  • Bill Chastain

Another Great Burger

I’ve been known to pontificate on great cheeseburgers I’ve experienced, so I must wax eloquently about another of my favorites which comes from BrewBurger’s.

Brewburger Brewburger’s cheeseburger with onion rings

The establishment sits the street from the hotel where I stay while covering the Rays during Spring Training. If you’re driving south on I-75, you get off at the Jacaranda Boulevard. Housed in an old Waffle House location is the burger paradise that annually wins the Best Burger award for Venice, Fla. Normally I would have already hit the place several times, but last night brought my first visit of the spring. I did not leave disappointed.

My order: cheeseburger all the way.

A brilliant blend of beef, toasted bun, cheddar cheese, pickle, onion, pickle, lettuce and tomato transported me to burger Nirvana. Washed down with a couple of draughts and onion rings, this culinary delight reestablished why BrewBurger’s cheeseburger continues to rank right up there with my favorites on a exalted list that includes local favorites from El Cap and Ted Peters (both in St. Petersburg). Something about the Billy Goat Tavern puts the Chicago establishment in the conversation and I love Airwaves, a joint in Arlington, Texas near where the Texas Rangers play. And I’ve been turned on to a place in Atlanta called Bocado.

My quest will continue. Please chime in with suggestions.

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