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Asked and Answered

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I asked readers to remember the first major-league game they attended. Here are some of the responses I got.

MY first major league game was 30 June 1956 (I was 9). My aunt took me to Yankee Stadium to see the Yankees play the Washington Senators. This was Mantle's Triple Crown year - he was hitting .378 at game time.

Mantle in center, Yogi catching, Billy Martin at second, Rizzuto at short, and Moose Skowron at first base.

Alas, the mighty Yankees went down to the lowly Senators that day, 5-1. Jim Lemon had three RBI's. Chuck Stobbs twirled a complete game for Washington. Johnny Kucks took the loss for NY.

There were 13,535 fans for an afternoon game. Temperature 83.

I close my eyes and am there - sights, sounds, smells! — Jim A.

1960. My dad and I drove to Chicago to see White Sox play a double-header vs. Ted Williams and the Red Sox, Minnie Minoso and Al Smith were on the White Sox. — Tim W.

Definitely in the later 60’s... Orioles at Yankee Stadium... Remember the pillars and Boog Powell hit one that may still be going! — Whitney J.

Believe it was either 1972 or 1973. Yankee Stadium. Yankee's and Angels on Old Timer's Day. The Angels started a young pitcher that day. His name was Nolan Ryan!!! — Pat Y.

Colt 45s in Houston in the 60s. We used to climb on top of one end of the dugout, toss the player at the end a pen and a ball and then go down to the other end. The whole team would sign the ball and the last guy would hand it up to you. You could take the ball back when there was a different pitcher in later games and get him to sign it. I had the entire original Colt 45s team on a ball. — Greg H.

Cubs Pirates at Wrigley when I was about 10. Always the Cub fan! — David J.

1955. KC A’s vs Detroit Tigers, Municipal Stadium, KCMO.” — Charles R.

1965? Geez, you're old! Says the guy who counters with July 14, 1966 as his first game. A Joe Torre walkoff vs. the Astros off Claude Raymond. Mike de la Hoz also scored on the homer, and it made a winner out of Chi Chi Olivo. Thanks for the memories. — Mark M.

Braves vs Mets in 1966 at the pad. I bought a team autograph baseball. Can’t remember who won but they had some great players! Aaron, Mathews, Carty, Alou, Torre, Menke, Woodward, Phil Niekro, Ron Reed, Pat Jarvis “The Little Bulldog”, Cecil Upshaw, Clay Carrol, Tony Cloninger. The Braves Radio Team of Milo Hamilton and Ernie Johnson were always entertaining and fun to listen to win or lose! – Joe M.

Thanks for sending along. I appreciate everybody's memories. I could read these all day. If you missed the post go here.

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