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  • Bill Chastain

Best Quote That Never Saw Print

Every time I buy a Lotto ticket, I’m reminded of the most colorful quote I’ve gathered that never saw print. That morsel of solid gold came from a Bucs wide receiver — who will remain anonymous — during the 1990 NFL season.391px-Quotation_Marks.svg

The Lotto pot had swelled to well over $100 million, prompting my editor at The Tampa Tribune to assign me a Lotto-related story. Did players from the local NFL franchise play the Lotto? If they did, I needed to find out what they would do if they cashed the winning ticket.

Woodward and Bernstein never faced a challenge so great.

After receiving several boring replies, I walked to the locker of the above-mentioned wide receiver. The guy had no size and the ice pack resting on one of his shoulders told me he was banged up.

Did he play the lottery? “Yes.”

What would you do if you won the thing? Greatness followed: “I’d quit this m@$%@#*!#$&r!”

Jeopardy! Believe It Or Not

Tuesday night’s Jeopardy! saw a guy win $59,000 after betting $19,000 in the final round. That same guy finished at minus $1,200, and did not qualify for Final Jeopardy! Wednesday night.

I’ve been watching the show for years and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any contestant win that much money in one show, thought Alex Trebek noted that the total was not a record. And I know I’ve never seen such a swing of fortunes.

Never Follow Your Heart

The old adage followed by gamblers: “Never follow your heart when placing a wager.”

Apparently a University of Michigan alum took this advice to heart. The guy owns a Detroit-themed Las Vegas casino and it would be fair to call him a Wolverine in Spartans clothing. You can bet he will be cheering for his school’s top rival this weekend.

According to ESPN, this guy made a $20,000 bet on Michigan State, which would earn him $1 million if Tom Izzo and company can bring home a national championship. He placed his bet on Dec. 5 following a Michigan State loss to Notre Dame that dropped the Spartans to 5-3 on the season.

While I can’t see myself placing a similar wager on Georgia Tech’s biggest rival, the University of Georgia, you can bet I’d be wearing red and black if the Dawgs had a chance to earn me $1 million.

Yes, I can be bought.

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