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  • Bill Chastain

Book signing, three bills and weathermen

Thanks to everyone who came by the Georgia Tech Barnes and Noble Monday night for my book signing for Jackrabbit. Having people buy something you’ve written is a humbling, as well as gratifying, experience. Also, many thanks to that particular Barnes and Noble, which has a large quantities of the book displayed in the front window and throughout the store.

The story remains one of my favorites and the book continues to do well, particularly with Tech fans. I’m hoping to have some other exciting news about the book and story in the future, stay tuned.

Three bills, aaaaahhhhh!

Something about going to Atlanta makes me want to eat more than normal. Might have something to do with the fact that there’s a Waffle House located on the Georgia Tech campus as well as one just around the corner from where my daughter, Carly, and her husband, Michael live in Midtown.

When on vacation, vacation, right?

In this case, that philosophy has translated to two days of the “All-Star Special” for $6.79 — bacon, toast, grits, two eggs, coffee and a waffle. Yes, I ate every morsel. I’m telling you, if I live in Atlanta, I’d be three bills.

Of course, what would a trip to Waffle House be without some words from a Waffle House prophet. Listening in on a conversation about Real Housewives of Atlanta I heard the following from my waitress as she attempted to convince the cook to watch the show. “It’s thought provoking.”

Compelling argument, but I’ll stick to Jeopardy and Law and Order re-runs.

Weathermen, do they ever have to be right?

Ever wonder if a weatherman is gets held accountable for his or her forecasts? Take this latest storm. While Boston got slammed, Philadelphia and New York did not get what had been forecast to come their way.

I do understand that you’d rather miss on the side of caution, but that one was a pretty big whiff. Honestly, I believe most weathermen are failed economist, who boost their yearly forecast prediction rates in the summer with can’t miss forecasts of rain.

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