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  • Bill Chastain

Boutique Final Four?

Lucas Oil Stadium is the site of this year’s Final Four. Located in downtown Indianapolis, the place can seat 70,000 for basketball. Perfect, right?

Wrong. Why do the powers that be choose to hold this grand event at such a large venue?

Lucas Oil Stadium 3 Lucas Oil Stadium (photo by Calwell317)

Football and baseball are different. Their games are played on larger fields, facilitating the overall viewing experience for mega crowds. Basketball is Luxembourg compared to China in relation to the playing surfaces of their major sports brethren.

Approximately 20,000 fans will have choice seats at this year’s Final Four. That leaves 50,000 fans knowing that a game is taking place somewhere down below, but they can’t really see the game since they are so far from the action. They’ll be the ones focused on the TVs located throughout the arena. Isn’t that what you do when you watch a game at home, where the beer and food are cheaper and the bathroom breaks can be handled during commercial breaks?

Thus, I’m an advocate of a Boutique Final Four.

Consider the simplicity of the concept: If you have a ticket to the game, you will be privy to a special occasion in an intimate setting.

Why not hold the thing at the Allen Field House? Cameron? Rupp, or any number of storied arenas with smaller capacities? If money is the problem, just charge more for tickets. Remember the concept of supply and demand?

For the fans left outside, set up large-screen TVs so they can be a part of the celebration. You can even charge them if you want to.

A Boutique Final Four would elevate the experience, much like going to a small Broadway theater enhances a Broadway Show. Imagine the sign: NOSE-BLEED SEATS NOT AVAILABLE.

Makes way too much sense to happen.

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