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  • Bill Chastain

Bronco Billy, Star Wars, Cincinnati Kid

A favorite movie exchange comes from Bronco Billy (released in 1980). Clint Eastwood stars as Bronco Billy McCoy and Sondra Locke as Antoinette Lilly:

Antoinette: Have you ever been married?

Bronco Billy: Sure. A long time ago.

Antoinette: Did you love her?

Bronco Billy: With all my heart. Sometimes that just isn’t enough.

Antoinette: What happened?

Bronco Billy: I caught her in bed with my best friend.

Antoinette: What did you do to him?

Bronco Billy: I shot her.

Antoinette Lilly: What! What about him?

Bronco Billy: He was my best friend!

Being out and about, I've seen a lot of Star Wars zealots lately--including grown men dressed like Luke Skywalker or a storm trooper. Ever had the urge to dress like Darth Vader and go out in public? Yeah, me neither.

The Cincinnati Kid (1965) ranks as one of my all-time favorite movies. Steve McQueen headlines a cast that includes Edward G. Robinson, Karl Malden, Ann-Margaret, Tuesday Weld, Joan Blondell, and Rip Torn. After recently watching the movie, I re-read the book. Based on that book, and others from the same era, I've observed that screenplay adaptations seemed to be more in line with the book back in the day.

Finally, the question of the day: Do vampires go to dermatologists?

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