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  • Bill Chastain

Cameron Crazies and Lou Reed’s Opinion

Several observations from the Duke-Carolina tilt at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Duke’s 92-90 overtime win Wednesday night featured the usual menu from games played at the basketball holy ground: Cameron Crazies, Coach K (yes, he does look like Fredo from The Godfather, “I’m smart!”) whining about a charging call, and a disparity between the free throws shot by Duke (31) and those shot by the opposing team (20).20131203_Cameron_Crazies

When you’re on the receiving end of all of that, you despise the Blue Devils, who are the Bill Laimbeers of college basketball. Everybody hated the former NBA bully other than his hometown fans.

I’m not a Duke supporter, which has more to do with how they have whipped my alma mater over the years than who they are. However, I do respect what they’ve managed to build.

In essence, Duke has created an amazing venue for college basketball, a boutique arena with an unrivaled atmosphere amid a landscape of college basketball palaces.

I wonder why other schools can’t copy Duke’s blueprint. Rather than trying to fill a huge arena, why not keep seating small, fill half the seats with students, and sell the rest to alumni and fans?

I also believe smaller venues like Cameron would be ideal for hosting the Final Four. Obviously, you would not have the same gate that can be had at one of the McMansion venues. But the value of attending such a game would be enhanced. Those holding tickets for the game would actually being able to see the game once they were inside the venue. That would create special memories no matter what cost they charged for the game.

Love or hate the Dookies, their excellence and how they go about achieving that excellence adds a lot to college basketball.

How about Lou Reed?

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and Lou Reed expressed his. Apparently he did not care for the Beatles.

Recently a 1987 interview came to light in which Reed noted about John Lennon and the Beatles: “I never liked the Beatles. I thought they were garbage.”

Personally, I loved the Beatles — particularly The White Album — so I don’t agree with Reed’s opinion. Besides, his only claim to fame is having a famous brother, Willis. Remember that night at Madison Garden in Game 7…

*Note: I’m just kidding.

Oh well, Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra…

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