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  • Bill Chastain

Classic Movie Lines Butchered

Man do I hate when somebody butchers a classic movie line.

Recently, I heard a radio talk show host tell his audience that his favorite movie line came from Rounders then he proceeded to recite: “Give the man his money.”

The actual line from Teddy KGB is: “Pay that man his money.”

Am I being obtuse, as Andy Defresne might tell me if he chimed in from Shawshank Redemption? I don’t think so. If you declare it’s your favorite movie line, you should know the line.

I mean how wrong would it be to quote Don Corleone as saying, “I’ve made him a really nice offer that he could not balk at.” Or Travis Bickle saying, “You directing your comments to me? You directing your comments to me? You directing your comments to me?”

Conan O’Brien's classic on a Toyota Land Cruiser breaking the record for fastest SUV: “Apparently, somebody was really late to their kid’s soccer game.”

Finally, two Facebook posts that cracked me up:

Ladies: Don't let NO man who drinks Michelob Ultra raise his voice at you. Talk to him woman to woman.


Once you understand why the pizza is made round, packed in a square box, and eaten as a triangle. Then you will understand women.

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