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  • Bill Chastain

College Football Thoughts

Having expressed my opinion in a previous blog that a six-team playoff would work best for determining a college football champion, I acknowledge that no playoff system short of the NFL’s could have possibly derailed Alabama, this years National Champion.

Based on some of the officiating during the college football season, I want to again stress my belief that officiating should be centralized. Each official would simply be a college football official rather than having an affiliation with a conference.

Calls are going to be missed in every game. Under the current climate, if a call gets blown in a game between, say, Auburn and North Carolina, and goes Carolina’s way–when there’s an ACC crew, the angry masses point to conference bias as the basis for the wrong call. If all the zebras were just college officials, the suggestion of impropriety would be eliminated.

Finally, I'm not a fan of the "get-back" coach. Get-back coaches are the guys who pull coaches off the field by the back of their pants. The coaches using get-back coaches need to be pulled back to the sidelines or risk being penalized. Said coaches remind me of pesky dogs on leashes. Consider the fact that these coaches preach discipline to their players, yet they need to be restrained? Not a good look. Note: I didn't see anybody pulling Nick Saban by the back of his pants during last night's game.

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