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  • Bill Chastain

Darth Vader toast program and other observations

Now’s the time to hop aboard the Darth Vader toast program.

Yep, for the low cost of $49.99 you, too, can own a Darth Vader toaster–shaped like its namesake’s head–that burns “Star Wars” onto your toast. What an amazing new product for society. Just think of the health benefits of eating more toast. But it could get a little bit creepy when you starting hearing that Darth Vader/James Earl Jones voice at breakfast: “Luke, I am your sour dough.”

Darth_Vader_(10585267443)Smart questionnaire

Went and had my eyes checked for the first time yesterday, which isn’t the point of this point. Rather, I want to note how impressed I was with the questionnaire for first time patients. Normally when said questionnaires ask for your email, they leave a space about an inch long that would allow you to print your email only if you wrote in a 6-point font. This questionnaire provided a whole line. Silly, but impressive, right?

Never a good sign

Georgia Tech’s basketball team has been in a funk the last several years. I’ve enjoyed watching this year’s team play some because they play hard and they have a couple of bangers down low. Unfortunately, the team’s offense is lacking. After one game they lost due to their less-than-stellar marksmanship, the announcer noted: “Tech’s offense couldn’t hit water if it fell out of a boat.”

Last night Tech’s offensive woes were magnified against No. 2 ranked Virginia in Charlottesville where the Jackets took a 57-28 drubbing Consider this, Tech’s football team scored 35 against Virginia three months earlier. Mensa thinking is not required to deduce that it’s never good when your football team scores more points than your basketball team. Note: Virginia’s basketball team did seem to play better defense.

And speaking of hoops…

I know a lot of my friends who are turned off by NBA games due to the style of play that permeating the league. That’s why everybody needs to give the Atlanta Hawks a chance. Watching them play is old school in action. They don’t have any stars, but they play team ball, always making the extra pass to find the open man and playing top-notch defense. It’s no surprise that winning accompanies this style of play. Basketball is a team game and is beautiful to watch when played properly.