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  • Bill Chastain

Dealing with the In-Laws

The holidays are upon us. That translates to interaction with your in-laws. Already having difficulty fathoming a visit to your in-laws? A good friend tipped his hand on how he handles said situations. When he pulls his car into the driveway of his in-laws, he simply reaches inside his head, removes his brain, and places it in the glove compartment for the duration of his stay.

Makes sense to me. (Note: We are now The In-Laws)

According to sources who have uncovered Indian relics, "vegetarian" originated as a synonym for "bad hunter."

Finally, any mention of jump shots prompts me to dust off a quote from former NBA great Otis Birdsong: "There are three sure things in life. Death, taxes and my jump shot."

To this day, Birdsong remains the best high school basketball player I've seen play when he led Winter Haven to a Florida state championship in 1973.

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