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  • Bill Chastain

Dog on a bus

Eclipse is cool.

I’m still smiling about this black female Labrador who lives in Seattle.

It seems that Eclipse is just like any other working stiff, taking the bus to get to where she’s going. In her case, the destination is a dog park four stops away. Apparently, such rides take place without her owner.

seattle-busAll the drivers know Eclipse, as do many of the riders. She will board the bus, hop into a seat next to a stranger, then gaze out the window until the bus reaches her stop. I can’t get that scene from Forrest Gump out of my mind when the kids on the bus tell Forrest, “This seat’s taken.” Eclipse might not let Forrest sit next to her either, but a simple, Grrrr would suffice.

I haven’t seen a dog this smart since Family Guy’s

If you had a dog like Eclipse, the newspaper would be child’s play. You could send your dog to the store. Your dog could be sent ahead to the restaurant or bar to get a good table. The dog could take the bus to stand in line for tickets to a big event. The possibilities are limitless.

Mostly, I just love that Eclipse is a solid citizen, a fact noted by Seattle’s Metro Transit. A spokesman for the agency pointed out how endearing it was to have a dog who appreciates public transit.

Just think what Eclipse might accomplish if she had thumbs!