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First Major League Game?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

In honor of the World Series, here's one to jogging your memory. Do you remember the first major league game you attended? Fun to jog those memories.

A friend once asked the question on social media. That prompted me to look up the specifics of my first game.

Baltimore Orioles-New York Yankees, June 16,1965 at Yankee Stadium. Dave McNally pitched eight innings for the O’s to get the win. Mickey Mantle played left. Roger Maris played right. Al Downing started for the Yankees and gave up three homers. Clete Boyer hit one for the Yankees

My mother dressed my older brother and me in seersucker suits. The temperature was 60 degrees when the game started, and continued to drop. We had hot chocolate, bought from a vendor with a container strapped to his back.

Oh yeah, 10,911 attended the game that lasted 2 hours and 17 minutes.

Share your first game if you can remember.

Speaking of baseball. How many items on the following list are embraced by players and teams today?

Hit the cutoff man

Throw strikes

Square around to bunt

Dive or not to dive

Don't walk the lead-off man

Don't swing at the first pitch

Lay off the breaking stuff, swing at fastballs only

Go up to the plate swinging

Never make the first or third out at third.

Finally, a memorable exchange between A.J. Pierzynski (when he caught for the Red Sox in 2014), and umpire Quinn Wolcott.

Pierzynski: Excuse me, can I have a new ball?

Wolcott: For what?

Pierzynski: One you can see.

Pierzynski was ejected.

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