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  • Bill Chastain

Freshmen Inc. vs. The Field, Gates No. 1, and No Selfie Sticks

Based on what I’ve seen during the current college basketball season, Kentucky — “Freshmen Inc.” — is more than capable of winning 10 in a row to complete a 40-0 season and win the National Championship.

No doubt the trendiest wager in Vegas will be Kentucky against the rest of the field. I’m interested to see what those odds will be.


And, speaking of the Cats. I loved what CBS college basketball analyst Bill Raftery had to say when cameras caught Knicks president Phil Jackson perusing Kentucky’s talent at Saturday’s Kentucky-Arkansas: “It’s like being in a bakery with a sweet tooth.”

Gates No. 1

If you selected Bill Gates in the Fantasy Billionaire’s Draft you made the right pick.

Seems the Microsoft co-founder managed to add $3.2 billion to his portfolio this past year according to Forbes, which released its 2015 billionaire list on Monday. Gates came in at the top of the list at $79.2 billion, thereby retaining his title as the world’s richest person.

Nice title defense, Bill!

No selfie sticks

Everybody loves to take a selfie and selfie sticks only make that practice even better, right?

Not so fast says the Smithsonian Institution, which has implemented a ban of selfie sticks in its 19 museums and galleries in the Washington DC and New York areas.

You do wonder if the people spending so much time taking selfies at events, restaurants, museums, etc., are missing the true experience of whatever they are doing due to their obsession with snapping a selfie and posting the picture on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever.

I’m reminded of a great line written by Pat Conroy in Beach Music when he observed of Japanese tourists in the Piazza della Rotunda “filming everything and seeing nothing.”

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