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  • Bill Chastain

Great Read, Overlap of Seasons, Evil Villain or Football Coach?

Just finished reading Boys in the Boat, Daniel James Brown’s narrative about “Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Bernlin Olympics.” While I’m late to the party on this one since it came out in June of 2013, this is an extraordinary book. I’ll go so far as to put Boys in the Boat up there with Seabiscuit, which set a high bar.

Boys 2Thanks to Bob Graham, my friend and mentor, who suggested I read this one.

Overlap of Seasons

Sports fans are currently celebrating that sweet time of the year when the seasons overlap.

Basketball, baseball, and hockey are all active and if that’s not enough, the PGA Tour, NASCAR, and horse racing can fill any gaps. If you so desire, you can plant your but on the couch on Saturday and watch sports all weekend, putting a great deal of wear on your remote.

I’m reminded of the old Tank McNamara comic strip, which personified the hypnotic trance experienced by sports fanatics when seasons overlap. In it, a fan is seated at home in his easy chair, beer and munchies in place, five television sets before him. The serene expression of a content man is etched upon his face. Stemming from the fan’s head is a thought box: Life is rich.

Evil Villain or Football Coach?

I recently heard an ESPN announcer ask whether Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly was a madman or a genius. All the while, a picture of Kelly showed on the screen. Now, correct me if I’m wrong. Doesn’t Kelly resemble Goldfinger, the old James Bond nemesis?