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  • Bill Chastain

Hamburglar, Pizza Hut to the Rescue, More Musgrove

Leave it to the great minds developed at Hamburger University, they’ve come up with a better way to sell burgers by tweaking the Hamburglar’s profile.

The Hamburglar has experienced plenty of makeovers since first bursting onto the McDonald’s scene in 1975 as a cranky looking old man with a hook nose. Over the years his image softened until he finally disappeared from the scene. Now comes the new Hamburglar, complete with a back story.

Seems the Hamburglar’s been living in the burbs and raising a family. But, hark, while he’s in the backyard flipping burgers, an advertisement over the radio for limited edition burgers at the Golden Arches triggers long dormant urges. Remember, once a crook, always a crook. He leaves his highly-evolved life to again become a deviant who thrives on stealing burgers from McDonald’s.

You’ve got to wonder if there is hope for this incorrigible villain to be rehabilitated. Sure makes me want to try one of those limited edition burgers.

And Speaking of Fast Foods…

A woman in Avon Park, Florida had the wherewithal to send for help after she and her kids were being held hostage by her boyfriend. She did so by going online to order a large pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut and adding a note that said: “911hostage help!”

Clay Street by John Musgrove “Clay Street” by John Musgrove

Thanks to Pizza Hut notifying the local authorities, the woman’s boyfriend could soon be sharing a cell with the Hamburglar. Good thing she didn’t message McDonald’s.

Such is fast food fate.

More Musgrove Magic

John Musgrove continues to dazzle with his brush. The talented San Francisco artist, who grew up in Tampa, often paints scenes of the city where he lives. Not only are they amazing works of art, they resonate with anybody who loves Shaky Town. His latest, “Clay Street,” beautifully captures the feeling of spring in San Francisco.

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