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  • Bill Chastain

I'm Not Handy

Nobody can change a light bulb like me.

Based on the competence levels for fixing things today, being able to change a light bulb probably qualifies me as handy. Scary, right?

Where handy is concerned, I’m the polar opposite of my father, who never shied away from fixing anything. He often noted that if he had a lever big enough he could move the world.

Of course, there were memorable plumbing and dishwasher problems at my parents' house that lingered longer than they might have for someone not quite as handy. They would have simply called a plumber and been done with it.

Thing is, not being handy puts me in the majority. How many people do you know who read directions, fix things with their hands, and know how to do stuff?

A Plusnet survey of 2,000 adults aged 25-34 revealed that 41 percent of the surveyed group were inclined to hire someone to tackle a "do it yourself" task rather than try to fix the problem themselves. Some in the group even admitted to asking somebody else to change a light bulb.

My kind of people!