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  • Bill Chastain

In the Back of a Pickup…

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Check out this photo of the 1972 North Palomino Pony League champion Exchange Club preparing to head for the City Tournament in Brandon. Dad coached our team, so he used his pickup as a team bus for transporting part of the team to Brandon. Can you imagine the outcry — and rightly so, if somebody tried to do the same thing these days? Of note, I’m the one wisely sitting in the passenger side of the cab. And one more thing: We lost to Brandon 22-0 that day.

K.B. Scull threw a no-hitter against us. We fought back in the double-elimination tournament to again play Brandon, and Scull. We won the second time around to force a final game against Brandon — and we again lost via a no-hitter. This time a left-handed kid named Kenny Carpenter did the deed. Still, that ranked as my favorite season of playing baseball.

Exchange Club

The Cardinals are turning back the clock today when they play the Red Sox in St. Louis. Those my age remember the 1967 season when the two teams met in the Fall Classic. Has it really been 50 years? Both teams will wear their respective uniforms from 1967, providing a nostalgic snapshot of a memorable season. Attempts by the Red Sox to replicate Yaz for a day failed.

Topping the list of things a grown man should never do: Go to an animated movie by himself.

My father’s Uncle Rob was a politician in Thomasville, Georgia. When someone told Dad Uncle Rob was always on the fence, Dad smiled: “No, Uncle Rob was always on your side of the fence.”

Sent in my resume for the vacated FBI job. Haven’t heard back yet, but no news is good news, right?

Been doing some field testing lately and I have not yet concluded whether I like Cheese Puffs better than Cheetos. The arduous task has had a predictable orange outcome on my fingers.

On this day in 1959, Sam Snead set a PGA record for 36 holes with a 122. I can do that with one round, any time out.

Finally, the suspense is over: Donkey Kong made the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

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