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  • Bill Chastain

Jimmy Fallon Cool to this Old Man

I’m not a late-night TV guy, but I did start watching Jimmy Fallon’s show before he took over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno. Mostly I watched from hotels while winding down after covering baseball games. At first I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why I liked his show so much. He’s funny and he’s talented, as are a number of late-night hosts. Then it dawned on me: Fallon’s positive nature is refreshing.

Jimmy_Fallon_By_Steve_Garfield Jimmy Fallon (photo by Steve Garfield)

Some have criticized him for not asking hard questions. To those critics I would like to say, “It’s the Tonight Show, not 60 Minutes.”

And speaking of Fallon’s talent, a friend of mine, Burk Clark, texted me the YouTube clip of Fallon performing Neil Young’s “Old Man” dressed as Young. The performance is vintage Fallon. Not only does he nail the impersonation, putting on display how talented his is, but he doesn’t break character. Rather than laughing along when the crowd recognized he was not Young, he continued to perform and eventually he was joined by Young himself. Awesome performance of my favorite Young song.

Marshawn Lynch/Duane Thomas

Sometimes you think somebody or something is unique until you go back in history to discover the same schtick has played before. Observing Marshawn Lynch’s actions one might think him to be an original, but the Seattle running back is actually the second act of Duane Thomas.

Thomas played for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1970s and went with similar antics. Thomas left the game long before his body told him to go. This week Lynch suggested he might retire. Beast Mode in moth balls? This isn’t new.

McDonald’s Love

Valentine’s Day will mark the end of McDonald’s promotion in which the hamburger giant encourages customers to show some love in exchange for picking up your checks. My question is: What do you have to do to get picked?

After a large meal the other night, I told my wife, Patti, I was going to head to the Golden Arches to see if I could kiss my way to a free hot fudge sundae. No dice.

Other failed attempts have come after batting my eyes, pursing my lips and flirting with employees. I’ve got one day left. Do I need to show some skin? Now that you’ve hurled your Big Mac, I’ll call it a week.

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