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  • Bill Chastain

Kroger Field, “The Hammer”, and Googled…

Kroger Field.

Let that resonate with you a moment. The University of Kentucky’s football stadium, once proudly known as Commonwealth Stadium, will now be known as Kroger Field, thanks to a $1.85 million a year price tag.

The only thing funnier than a stadium being named after a grocery store chain is the indignation and criticism directed at Kentucky for selling out. Most of those doing the criticizing would name their first child “Kroger” for a figure considerably south of $1.85 million.

Of note, on this date 50 years ago, Hank Aaron hit the only inside-the-park home run of his illustrious career, during a 4-3 Braves loss at Philadelphia. That one caught me as surprising since “The Hammer” could run a little bit.

According to an report, the card company, Panini, paid Falcons first-round pick Takkarist McKinley to autograph cards. However, subsequent research led them to believe that McKinley wasn’t the person signing all of his cards.

According to an unidentified source in the story, McKinley was paid between $2 and $5 for each autograph. So the question needs to be asked: Was McKinley paying someone to sign for him?

That would be a first.

A story from an older gentleman I know.

While waiting to see the dentist, a woman entered the waiting room and began talking to him like she knew him. She asked him about his house, his kids, his family, and his health, yet he had no idea who he was talking to. When the woman left, he asked the receptionist for the identity of the mysterious woman and was told: “That was you ex-wife.”