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  • Bill Chastain

Laters, Baby

“Laters, baby,” said Elliot to Kate and Christian to Ana. This phrase also serves as code for, “I read Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Remember buying Playboy for the articles? What do you say about Fifty Shades of Grey? “I read it for the pictures.” I know, there were no pictures, other than those you created in your mind.


Since I travel a good bit, I laughed for much of the summer of 2011 seeing travelers in airports holding the E.L. James runaway best seller. Most tried to disguise having the book, much like a beer drinker sheathing a cold one in a paper bag. Others, such as myself, who read the book, uh, for research, went with a more discrete approach known as Kindle. Took me months after reading the book to shake my habit of going to the hardware store. Freaky, right?

Anyway, now that the movie is out, I’m wondering if there are enough wax mustaches and sunglasses to support a public that hungers to see the book make the journey to the big screen.

I’ll probably wait for Netflix, again, strictly for research purposes.

Laters, baby!

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