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  • Bill Chastain

Laugh Until You…

Just finished — and loved — Dan Jenkins’ His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir, which came out last year. The man has written some of the funniest lines these eyes have read. His memoir allows those of us who have followed him to find out more about the guy who has penned novels, such as Semi Tough and You Gotta Play Hurt, and written for Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, and Playboy.

Dan Jenkins twoHailing from Texas, Jenkins acquired a unique perspective on people and things, evoking what feels like a natural candor. A favorite? How about his reference to wealthy person as being “Richer than six feet up a bull’s ass.”

Count Bobby Layne among the icons he covered and considered friends. Layne’s exploits off the field rivaled his triumphs on the field. The NFL Hall of Famer’s goal in life according to Jenkins: “To run out of cash and air at the same time.”

Layne died at 59 and wasn’t cheated a breath. Don’t know what his bank account looked like at the time of death.

Jenkins was friends with Ben fricking Hogan. Those stories alone should draw any golfer to this beauty of a book.

In short, Jenkins has led a fascinating life, created classic characters (see Billy Clyde Puckett, Barbara Jean Bookman, and Shake Tiller in Semi-Tough), written memorable stories, and all along he’s maintained a biting sense of humor.

If you want to laugh until your side splits, pick up Jenkins’ book.

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