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  • Bill Chastain

Mom on Strike

Watching the local news this morning, I got a major chuckle from a story about a mother who went on strike.

Apparently her two teenaged daughters had been running roughshod over her, which prompted her to take to the sidewalk in front of her house where she held a sign that read “Mother on Strike.” The mother planned to remain on strike until the situation improved.

Don’t hold your breath, Moma!

Ironic to see said story after my dinner experience last night. Hoping to share a pizza and a salad with a couple of beers while catching up on the day with my hard-working wife, we were continuously interrupted by a group of kids. They ran wild in the restaurant while the parents watched, giggled and doted without any action. Note to said parents: “You’re little darlings are cute, but not when they are disrupting the entire restaurant.”

Ultimate taco

As my quest to find the ultimate cheeseburger continues, I’ve undertaken a parallel, and equally daunting, quest to find the ultimate taco.

Sopes on the left, tacos on the right Sopes on the left, tacos on the right

Understanding the situation, my friend Scott Daigle offered to take me to a spot he knows located in Town N Country, Loli’s.

While ground beef tacos are my favorite, yesterday I ventured toward two fish tacos and tried one of the sopes as well. Amazing!

Yes, the place is a hole in the wall. But it’s clean, and, for now, I’m putting it at the top of my local list right behind the memory of Mexican Burro.

Thanks Scotty D.!

Too much about too little

All this business about the Patriots tampering with the footballs amuses me. We’re hearing too much hot air about not enough air in the balls. I have no emotional attachment to either the Colts or the Patriots. So, as an impartial observer, I’ve surmised that the Patriots kicked butt and would have done so had they used a box of Corn Flakes rather than a football.