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  • Bill Chastain

Movie Sequels...

Movie sequels are rarely successful. First, the original set a high bar. The only reason sequels are done is because the original found success--and made money. On top of that, another story has to be created. And assembling the original cast can't be easy.

The Godfather Part II remains the standard. If you’re trying to create a sequel, follow The Godfather Part II playbook. The same characters made up the story, but they were shown in different stages of their lives. In the end you had more understanding of these characters. Both I and II won Academy Awards for Best Picture. Some believe the sequel to be better than the original.

A lot of bad sequels dot the Hollywood landscape. Rocky II remains at the top of my list. I always felt that had there not been a sequel to Rocky, the original would be remembered with more critical acclaim. Instead, Rocky became a franchise. The second one really wasn’t good. Fortunately, most of those that followed were.

What are your favorite sequels?

Thirty years have passed since the memorable Georgia Tech-University of Virginia football game. The 1990 classic paved the way for the Yellow Jackets to win a National Championship. Click here to read the story I wrote about the game for a new website, Beyond The Trestle.

Kurt Vonnegut hit the nail on the head all those years ago when he said there needs to be a Secretary of the Future. All Presidents have cabinet positions for the Secretary of Defense, etc., but none of them proactively look forward.