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  • Bill Chastain

Mr. Ed, Taco Heaven and More…

Since 1978, 13 horses have gone to the Belmont Stakes with a chance to become the 12th Triple Crown winner and lost.

Leo_Durocher_Alan_Young_Mister_Ed_1962 Leo Durocher, Mr. Ed, and Wilbur Post

American Pharoah’s bid on Saturday looks like a pretty good bet, which has triggered speculation that a Triple Crown winner might give horse racing a much-needed boost, allow the sport to re-gain the elevated status it once held. Alas, a Triple Crown winner can go only so far. If the sport really wants to rejuvenate itself, the folks at NBC must think outside the box — uh, outside the barn — and coax the greatest voice in horse history out of retirement to call the 147th running of the Belmont Stakes. And that means going right to the source to ask the horse, Mr. Ed, to bring his expertise to the both.

Who better to convey what the favorite was thinking prior to the race? Does the Pharoah trash talk? What do those muscular thoroughbreds think of those little men who whip them into running faster?

Ideally, Ed would be reunited in the booth with friend and longtime master, Wilbur Post.

Mr. Ed: Wiiillllbuurrr! The fillies at the stable are crazy about A-Phar. A couple of them even told him that when the sun hits him just right he looks like Secretariat…

Just the kind of stuff the coverage lacks and just what the sport needs.

The Perfect Taco

Panchitos Taqueria Tacos Panchitos Taqueria tacos

Eating the local fare is the best bet when traveling. Thus, if you go to the Midwest, you eat beef, Florida, you seafood, right? So Anaheim meant partaking of the many mom and pop Mexican joints, which make you re-think your definition of Mexican food.

Dining at Panchito’s Taqueria I had cheese enchiladas and beef tacos. Don’t think I don’t love Taco Bell — I do — but there’s a distinct difference between a chain and authentic Mexican food. For example, the preparation of my tacos took about 10 minutes — from cooking the shell in oil to heating up the beef.

I’ve mentioned my search for the perfect cheeseburger and the perfect Cuban sandwich (with tomato, thank you). Now I’m searching for the perfect taco. Panchito’s will be tough to knock from the top spot.

And More…

A subhead inside a June 3 Wall Street Journal story about Smart TVs read: “Is a dumb TV actually OK?” That resonated with me because a dumb TV would work for me. These days I feel lucky if I manage to push the right buttons to turn on my Smart TV.

Garo Yapremian, the former NFL kicker recently died of cancer. While reading the many obits about the native of Cyprus, I discovered this unusual fact: He kicked in the first NFL game he ever saw.

Trout 2 Mike Trout’s likeness outside Angel Stadium

Loved a DJ I heard while in Anaheim who observed: “The only difference between us and the animals is our ability to accessorize.”

Finally, he might not switch hit, but Mike Trout reminds me of Mickey Mantle. The Angels slugger even looks a little like him in the face. As Charlotte might be prompted to spin with her web upon seeing Trout play: “Some ballplayer.”

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