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  • Bill Chastain

Name a Mule, Durant, and Other Stuff

Ever had the desire to name a mule? Well, here’s the deal, mules are used for tours of the Grand Canyon. Now you can vote on one of 10 names for a female mule that lives on the South Rim. And…

The good part. You can possibly win a $500 prepaid Visa Gift Card by voting. Here’s the names: Adira, Agave, Aliya, Amara, Amberley, Hiraani, Nayla, Sariel, Victory, Vista. Personally, I’d go old school with Francis, as in the 1950 classic, Francis the Talking Mule. Too easy, right?

To vote, go to The contest ends on Feb. 24.

Kentucky entered the week ranked 15th in the Associated Press Men’s College Basketball Poll and I’m thinking: “Is “One-and-Done” done?” After watching them dismantle Tennessee 83-58 last night, I’m thinking: “Hmm, these guys are just about ripe for the NBA.”

A FaceBook post from old friend Nate Italiano: This is my 4th day in a row home sick on the couch with a wicked cold. I have watched so many feel good Hallmark movies that I’m positive I will fall in love at first sight, move to a coastal village in Maine, renovate an old house and grow Blueberries.

Before the current NBA season, I thought the 66.5 over-under win total issued for Golden State looked like a sucker bet for anybody taking the over. Superstar Kevin Durant was joining the team, which in theory made the team better. But how many times have we seen that story line go south? Now the over betters look wise. And speaking of Durant, everybody made a big deal Saturday night when he returned to Oklahoma City for the first time since he fled the Thunder via free agency. Of course, he got booed and taunted, but in the end Golden State won going away. I don’t think there’s anything to be read into that one other than Golden State is just that good.

A clever headline in Monday’s edition of USA Today read: ‘Lego Batman’ dominates ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

According to the accompanying story, The Lego Batman Movie grabbed the top spot over the weekend, taking in $55.6 million. That easily surpassed the next-highest drawing movie, Fifty Shades Darker ($46.5 million).

Let that one register.

Finally, the Westminster Dog Show is upon us, and three new breeds have been added, prompting NBC’s Seth Meyers to note: “Said the dogs, ‘Yeah, last year’s afterparty got pretty wild.'”

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