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  • Bill Chastain

NFL Combine, 20 Losses, and more…

Since the NFL Combine has been background noise for the last week or two, I’ve learned which men in tights can run the fastest 40, who can bench press 225 pounds the most times, and how high certain guys can leap in a single bound.

Every NFL team wants to find the next Superman, but I’m just not sold on the whole process. I’ve never heard a coach after the game say, “Well, we went with Dickerson at the goal line. He’s the only guy on my team who can do 30 reps at 225 pounds.”

Ned Garver died last month at the age of 91. He owns the distinction of being the only pitcher in major league history to have twenty wins in a season for a team that had more than 100 losses, which he did for the 1951 St. Louis Browns. How bad were the Browns? Well, here’s a Garver quote used in his New York Times obituary: “The crowd didn’t dare boo us. The players had them outnumbered.”

Men’s Health magazine recently published a study that said sex burns the same amount of calories for men as a 6-mile run. Comedian Argus Hamilton challenged the study by noting: “That’s so ridiculous. Nobody has ever run six miles in 30 seconds.”

Lebron James nearly collided with Bill Belichick last week when the New England coach sat courtside at a Cavaliers-Celtics game. Can you imagine the carnage had that collision taken place? Rings would have flown everywhere.

R.J. Curie of addressing the fact that three of the top four scorers for the No. 6 Oregon’s men’s basketball team are Canadians: “O Canaduck.”

There’s an old saying among sports writers I’m always reminded of every spring when a once talented player, who had a surly disposition, is trying to milk out one more year. Suddenly he is a guy who bends over backwards to be accommodating to the media. Thus, the s