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Noteworthy Advances

In China, geneticists announced that they have figured out a way to edit the genes of human embryos, allowing them in some of their specimens to correct the faulty gene that causes the inherited blood disorder β-thalassaemia.Taco Bell A.M. Crunch 2

Not to be outdone in the United States, tacocists at Taco Bell have figured out a way to put a hash brown inside of a breakfast sandwich. While one might gravitate toward the Chinese for coming up with the more significant breakthrough, I’m here to tell you: reserve judgement until you try the latter. Remember, they can actually put the hash brown inside and it’s delicious!

Love You Jets Fans

The NFL Draft takes place Thursday night, meaning it’s open season on Jets fans, who have provided the entertainment in past drafts. But keep in mind this year’s draft is in Chicago, so Bears fans have a chance to be the most vocal when Ken O’Brien is selected over Dan Marino.

Sorry Jets fans, that was a cheap shot. You guys are the still the best and I appreciate your continued support for 100 Things Jets Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die.

Ironically, while Jets fans never forgave their beloved team for selecting O’Brien over Marino, any Jets fans would gladly welcome a quarterback selection in this year’s draft anywhere near as talented as O’Brien.

My friends at the New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa Bay will be gathering at Peabody’s Tampa for a draft get-together Thursday night. If you’re a Jets fans you should attend, it’s a great group that knows how to have fun.

You Might Have Too Much Money If…

Talk about disposable income, how about the person who purchased a Honus Wagner T206 American Tobacco Company baseball card, circa 1909, for $1.32 million in online bidding? The buyer remained anonymous.

According to New Jersey-based Robert Edward Auctions, 42 bids were placed for the card. Amazingly, that’s not even the most paid for a Wagner T206. That distinction came when one sold for $2.8 million.

Just think, for the cost of that one card you could have bought every team in baseball back in 1909 — and probably most everything else in the United States.

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