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  • Bill Chastain

Perfection, RiverDogs, and Give an Elephant a Job…

Ben Ketola recently notched a perfect game in 86.9 seconds at a Syracuse bowling alley. The trick was to race to different lanes and use a different ball for each roll. Pretty impressive considering he still had to produce twelve consecutive strikes–and he did so averaging 7.24 seconds per. Do you think beer stops were included?

Minor-league baseball is good, I’m telling you. Where else can you see “Dollar Beer Night” and “Make Marinara Legal” promotions on the same night? Both took place Thursday night when I attended a Charleston RiverDogs game at Charleston’s Joseph P. Riley Jr. Park. Noteworthy was the bobbing-for-meatballs contest held on top of the visiting team’s dugout. Predictably, both contestants finished covered in red sauce. I think the winner earned a Koozie. Said one of the participants to his wife: “But I only spent $10 on beer.”

And there was the baseball…

I found myself drawn to the struggles of the Single-A pitchers, who seemingly didn’t understand the significance of getting ahead in counts. Equally mesmerizing were the hitters, who couldn’t lay off the off-speed stuff and wait for the fastball, even when neither pitcher could throw an off-speed pitch for a strike. Watching a minor-league game will make you respect major-league players even more. Reaching The Show remains a survival of the fittest.

The Charleston hotel where Patti and I stayed hosted a traditional Indian wedding that included a horse in the ceremony. Word on the streets (make that “historic” streets since we’re talking historic Charleston where everything is historic) said the bridal party had requested an elephant, but the hotel would not allow that to happen. Given all the circus closings, you’d think Marriott would have allowed an elephant a chance to make a buck, right?

Here’s a take by RJ Currie of on Aaron Rodgers’ breakup with actress Olivia Munn: “Or as quarterbacks call it, a fail marry.”

Ever wonder what’s wrong with the Oakland Raiders? How about this: Not one member of the roster has been arrested in the past three years, making them the only NFL team to hold that distinction. There once was a time when you couldn’t play for the Raiders unless you’d done a little time.

Finally, a favorite from Mark Twain: “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.”