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  • Bill Chastain

Rain Man Precision, Mel Blount Insecurities, Superman Grounded

I found this one hard to believe: Stephen Curry knocked down 77 consecutive three-point shots after a recent Golden State Warriors practice.

Consider that many can’t make 77 out of a 100 free throws. He shot 100 percent from the three-point line for 77 tries. How many people can do anything 77 consecutive times without a hiccup?

We’re talking Rain Man here.

Five minutes to Wapner!

Blount now 67

Mel Blount recently turned 67 prompting me to recall a marvelous interview with the Hall of Fame Steelers defensive back while writing Steel Dynasty: The Team that Changed the NFL (I know it’s my second reference to my book this week, just go on line and buy a copy).

Among other things, Blount talked about a true cover-two defense, his upbringing when they played tackle football with no pads, and Chuck Noll, the mastermind of the Steelers. While Blount is considered one of the best to ever play the game, he confessed that the Hall of Fame coach never allowed him to feel secure in his job.

How coaches motivate players has always interested me. In this case, I had to wonder which player Noll held up as a threat to Blount’s job.

Superman grounded

While waiting to board a plane for Miami, a guy walked past me wearing a Superman t-shirt. I looked at my friend and colleague Roger Mooney and asked, “Why does he need a plane?”

Expressionless, Roger quipped: “He took the buyout.”

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