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  • Bill Chastain

Rousey’s Next Opponent, March Madness, Franchise Players

If you follow Ronda Rousey, or at least know she is the UFC women’s bantamweight champion, you know that she defended her title last week by defeating Cat Zingano in 14 seconds.

Yes, that’s really quick. Like, a second quicker than 15 seconds or a minute less than 1 minute and 14 seconds, right?

Count me among those who know little about Rousey — and even less about the UFC — other than they beat the be-geezus out of each other. However, I do recognize flawed logic from time to time.

In the aftermath of Rousey’s title defense, stories speculating about who Rousey could fight next have been prevalent. Most of these surmise there’s not another woman in her division who could give her a decent fight so they conclude with the following: Give Zingano a rematch.

Now, the flawed logic I mentioned. There’s nobody in Rousey’s division who can give her a fight, but Zingano can?

Guess I’m being stupid. Zingano might last 28 seconds this time around.

March Madness and the voices of the NCAA Basketball Tournament

March Madness is just around the corner, which brings about two of the most incredible sports days of the year when every team in the tournament plays games (other than those in play-in games leading up to the two days).

Having attended several opening days of the tournament, I’ve loved watching four games at one setting, seeing the crowds representing the different schools, the incredible basketball, and the tension that usually builds to a buzzer beater. Watching on TV is really special, too, as the coverage switches back and forth between games.

However, I do have one request of those who will be spewing basketball jargon and wisdom during the coming telecasts: Leave behind the saying that such-and-such team or such-and-such player is good at “scoring the ball.” What else would he be scoring?

NFL Franchise Tag

In the “heart be still” category, NFL teams announced this week the players they tabbed with the franchise tag. These come in “exclusive” and “non-exclusive” varieties. Now the big question: Does anybody really understand this? If you do, please explain. Then we’ll tackle the NFL salary cap.

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