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  • Bill Chastain

Serious Questions And Observations

Nothing here on Earth has been the same since Neil Armstrong took “one giant step for mankind” and subsequently loaded his Apollo 11 space module chock full of moon rocks. And things aren’t going to be the same until we put those rocks back.

Apollo_11_moon_rock,_sample_10072,80 Apollo 11 moon rock

However, not everything is so logical. There are matters that defy reason. So in this topsy-turvy world of ours, here are a few things to consider:

Based on opinions I’ve heard Florida fans express about Jameis Winston–some due to on his off-the-field behavior and others due to the fact he went to FSU–I began to ponder this question: If you’re a Florida fan, is it more fun to root for the ‘Noles to lose or to root for the Gators to win?

Ever notice that the older you get the better equipment you buy and the worse your performance becomes? When was the last time you saw someone buy new golf clubs and lower their score?

Speaking of golf, is hitting a driver straight more difficult than dropping in a first serve? If so, why don’t golfers get a second drive? Better still, first one in.

I had to love this quote from Louisiana-Lafayette baseball coach Tony Robichaux: “We want guys who drink out the water hose, not the guy whose mommy is bringing him a Powerade in the third inning.”

Don’t know if there a more ominous warning than hearing the pilot say: “All flight attendants please be seated.”

Esquire once ran the results of a survey that revealed more men found Betty of the “Flintstones” desirable than Wilma. Well, ladies, who would you prefer – Fred or Barney?

Which leads to the question: Why don’t women like “The Flintstones” – or “The Three Stooges” for that matter?

Wouldn’t University of Tampa football games on Saturday night be nice? And while U-T is on the lips, congratulations to Joey Urso and the Spartans for their baseball championship — they have something special going on under the Minarets.

Whatever happened to all those guys in the 1970s who said soccer would replace football in 10 years? We’re waiting breathlessly.

Why do bowling alleys want to be known as bowling centers?

Note to Rick Scott: Sure would be nice if Florida had a governor who could ride a bicycle sitting on the handlebars like Lester Maddox (former governor of Georgia) once did?

Is the best part of exercise the shower afterward?

Why do left-handers look better when they throw?

Ever think what might have happened if, back in the day, George Steinbrenner had bought the Bucs and Hugh Culverhouse the Yankees?

Why is 95 degrees just right for playing golf, but far too hot to mow the yard?

Has anybody ever considered putting a driving range on Bayshore Boulevard? You know, hit balls from the grassy median into the water. Think the joggers would object?

Is there any greater joy than a Cuban sandwich, a televised college football game, and being in a room cold enough to hang meat?

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