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  • Bill Chastain

Sleep Your Way to Dancing with the Stars

Came across a wonderful obit in Thursday’s edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail.

Sleep_man Learning to waltz? A tango? (“Sleep man” by Samsun GT-18190)

Willie Fraser, a noted step dancer and Gaelic singer, died on March 22 at the age of 100. One would expect a cool story or two after a century of life, and Fraser carried one for most of his years.

Apparently a stranger came to him in a dream one night at the age of 5, and this visitor taught him how to dance. The next morning Fraser told his father what happened prompting his father to grab a fiddle. As the father played, the son began to dance as if touched by magic.

The identity of the stranger never came to Fraser, though he returned several times in other dreams over the years.

Patti and I have long talked about dancing lessons. Now I’m thinking, why pay Arthur Murray when you can snooze your way to Fred Astaire?

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