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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Politics brings out the worst in everybody--particularly where social media is concerned. Now that the presidential election is over, some are experiencing withdrawal. If you can't figure out something to get pissed off about on-line, I give you fodder thanks to Rhymes with purple @genericbologna, who tweeted, "In five words or less, start a fight without politics." Here are some of the replies:

Megadeth is superior to Metallica

Beatles were overrated

Bananas and mayonnaise on bread

Steak is best well done

Two spaces after a period

Shake Shack > In and Out

Dogs rule and cats drool

Star Wars is rubbish

Candy Corn is delicious

Your mother wears army boots

Hotdogs and tacos are sandwiches

Dogs are better than cats

Deep dish is not pizza

Pineapple on pizza is delicious

It’s not pizza without pineapple

Video games are for losers

Pascoe writes fiction

Sour green apple skittles rock

Wives should obey husbands

Men can’t survive without women

Cast iron in the dishwasher

Die Hard not Christmas movie

Stones better than the Beatles

Baseball is better than football

Pepsi is better than Coke

Dr. Pepper is better than both

The Dave Matthew Band sucked

Friends was a shitty show

“Fewer” not “less.”

Soccer is better than football

Purebred dogs are the best

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