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Take it back if you have to...

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Homecoming weekend at Georgia Tech, and this year's cupcake is... Clemson. Yikes! No. 1 Clemson. Who schedules Clemson for homecoming?

Clemson is favored by 27. Custer was only a 26-point underdog at Little Big Horn. (Note: Clemson has more five-stars). Being a Tech fan, I have realistic expectations about what will transpire Saturday at Bobby Dodd Stadium. The Yellow Jackets might be wise to embrace Red Mitchum's philosophy.

Mitchum played football for the University of Florida during the Gators' “Golden Era” (which really wasn’t golden). Later he parlayed his personality and humor to become a sought-after speaker. Quarterback clubs, rotary clubs, church groups and banquets roared at his down-home delivery and home-spun tales.

Among those tales, Mitchum recounted when he was named a starting offensive tackle for the Gators. The announcement prompted quarterback Angus Williams to request he be moved to defense. And for good reason. Mitchum took credit for inventing the “lookout block.”  He’d miss his block and yell, "Look out!”

Now, the Mitchum reference that Tech might need to remember.

The Gators were losing a lopsided game and getting stomped physically. At one point Mitchum returned to the huddle and suggested to his teammates: “Let’s go to the line and tell them something really ugly." He added. "Even if we have to take it back.”

Been doing some field testing and I have not concluded whether I like Cheese Puffs better than Cheetos. The arduous task has had a predictable orange outcome on my fingers.

Prior to meeting someone for the first time, is it disrespectful to not google them first?

Finally, an old favorite when one coach asked another about a player.

Coach 1: “Can he play?”

Coach 2: “He couldn’t play dead in a western.”

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