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  • Bill Chastain

The Girl From Uranus

While at Georgia Tech, I took joy in teasing my mother about attending keg parties at Agnes Scott. I surmised from her reaction that things were a little more proper back when she attended the all-girls college in Decatur, Georgia. Her fluster-meter went up considerably when I told her about a girl I met while standing around the keg at one of these shin-digs.

According to this attractive young lady, she hailed from the planet Uranus and she had the gab about her native land to back up her contention. I probably told her something like, “Wow, what a coincidence. I watch Mork and Mindy. Want to see my etchings?”

Yes, friends would later explain that there might have been an implied message in her story. Had she gone with say, Jupiter, this might not have been a question. Still, I felt like the girl was simply half a bubble off plumb, two sandwiches short of a picnic, etc., regardless of what some construed as innuendo. Anyway, my point: Thanks to the Amazing Kreskin, a place now exists on the Internet where those of a similar ilk to the Girl from Uranus can congregate. Just go to

According to Kreskin, the site meets a need because of the many who believe in paranormal possibilities. Said group has been reluctant to share their feelings with others for fear they might be considered strange.

Do you think?

Kreskin’s site will be a meeting ground for those who see the things that mainstream society does not. Thus, two people who believe that the Star Wars bar actually exists can now hook up. Lovely idea, wouldn’t you say?

Hopefully this will liberate the Girl from Uranus to finally find her soul mate.