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  • Bill Chastain

Tiger's 10

Nobody expected Tiger Woods to win The Masters by the time he reached the 12th tee on Sunday. Dustin Johnson had the tournament in the bag, his game residing in an exalted stratosphere. But nobody expected to see what happened at No. 12. Woods came away with a 10 on his scorecard.

Two plunked shots into the water launched Woods' big number, his first 10 on the PGA Tour. In a single hole, he moved from three-under to four-over.

Hackers everywhere could relate to Woods' Waterloo. Who hasn't made a 10, right? What happened on the six holes that followed showed me something. Woods didn't throw his club. He didn't kick his golf bag. He didn't even blame his caddie--the PGA Tour's equivalent of kicking your dog. He got back to work, making birdies on five of his final six holes. Now that's a feat that's unfamiliar to the hacker's union.

That's a professional. That's a champion. That's what separates Tigers Woods from golf mortals.

There’s an old saying among sports writers I’d be reminded of every spring when a once talented player, who had a surly disposition, was trying to milk out one more season. Suddenly he's Mr. Nice guy, bending over backwards to accommodate the media. Thus, the saying: “He wants to say hello when it’s time to say goodbye.”

Who is sports most cursed team? The Buffalo Bills? The New York Jets? Vanderbilt? How about Centre College? Following their 9-0 1919 season, they were recognized by some as college football champions. Actually, the Official NCAA Division I Football Record Book also lists Harvard, Illinois, Notre Dame and Texas A&M as having been deemed national champions by major selectors that season. Still, quite a drought for the Praying Colonels.

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