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  • Bill Chastain

To the Tattooed Girl…

While eating my lunch of Publix black-eyed peas and rice at Ballast Point, a young lady walked past the picnic table where I sat.  Her legs were covered with tattoos save for one calf. A moment of thought followed and I couldn’t resist. “You missed a spot.”

She was not amused.

Only four of the 160 Division-1 schools have never made the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament–The Citadel, St. Francis, William & Mary, and Army. There you have it, a Final Four you don’t want to be a part of.

While channel flipping during one of the early games of the NCAA Tournament, I landed on AMC, which was showing The Godfather. Yep, no more basketball, just Moe Greene. “The Corleone Family wants to buy me out? No, I buy you out, you don’t buy me out.”

When I woke on Saturday and saw that the UConn women’s team had lost, I immediately suspected an April Fools’ Day joke.

During coverage of one of the NCAA Tournament games, I actually heard an analyst come up with the following: “If they make their shots they’re going on. If they don’t, they’re going home.” Profound.

Finally, Roy Williams picked up an extra million via a bonus for the Tar Heels’ run to the championship. Joel Berry, the tournament’s outstanding player, received a piece of the net and two sprained ankles.

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