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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: A College Football Rant

Yes, I’m happy the Bowl Championship Series no longer exists. Championships should not be decided by a computer.

So now we have the College Football Playoff and the thing is decided by people — not players. Grrrr!!!

Yeah, I get the fact that four teams played off at the end of last season and Ohio State powered through that to win the National Championship. The way the Buckeyes were playing, odds are they would have done the same thing under the format I prefer. Nevertheless, I would like to see an alternative method put into place that would, for the most part, allow the players to decide who gets in that playoff.


First, what’s wrong with the system in place? Well, how about the fact nobody playing knows what it’s going to take them to get into the playoffs — even if they have a perfect season. And plenty of gray accompanies that uncertainty.

Remember, the committee almost didn’t let the Buckeyes join the postseason party because their quarterback, J.T. Barrett, got injured against Michigan. All of the decision making behind closed doors eventually led to the Buckeyes being in the four-team playoff — obviously the right call — but that resulted in deserving teams from the Big 12 getting shown the door. The committee then patted itself on the back for “getting it right.”

Whether they got it right or not, I propose an eight-team playoff with conference champions from the five major conferences getting automatic bids. The other three at-large teams could be decided by a committee. Only none of those three teams could be picked from the five major conferences.

I know, if you’re in the SEC you play in the SEC and nobody plays an SEC-like schedule. So why can’t other teams from the SEC get an at-large bid?

Think about it. If you do that you diminish what it means to win your conference. Say you’re Tennessee and Alabama’s been handing it to you for years when suddenly you upset the Tide and move on to the SEC Championship, which you also win.

Would it be fair for Tennessee if Alabama got an invite to the party after Tennessee beat them and won the SEC Championship game — while Alabama sat idle — and then had to beat Alabama again?

Unfortunately, I don’t see my solution being adopted any time soon because common sense rarely gets put into place. Thus, at the end of the season there’s going to be a team that get’s left out of the party.

On the bright side, it’s time for toe to meet leather. College football season begins this week. Can’t wait for the ride. And don’t forget to check out “Southern Football Friday’s” right here — you guessed it — every Friday starting this week.

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