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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: About Not Talking to the Media

A shit storm took place after Cam Newton decided to cut short his post Super Bowl presser on Sunday. Being a long-time member of the media, all I can say is: Big deal.

If an athlete doesn’t want to talk after the game, that’s his prerogative. And there are plenty of good reasons for an athlete to elect not to do so, the least of which being he might say something he will regret.

Newton is fun to watch, he’s an incredible athlete, and the Broncos’ players said he was humble after the game when offering them congratulations. So let it go.

One thing I did find amusing amid the dialogue is the idea his decision to not talk to the media somehow punished the media. That’s not the case.

A function of the media is to be a conduit between the athletes fans love to watch and the fans. Thus, when athletes decide not to talk to the media, they are essentially making the decision to not talk to their fans.