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  • Bill Chastain


Patti and I went to The Sail next to the Tampa Convention Center and we began talking with a man sitting next to me at the bar. After awhile, he began working his game, chatting up the female bartender and inquiring if she had a “signature” drink. Obviously flattered, she began to wheel out all kinds of concoctions for all of us to sample.


Having watched the whole thing unfold, I told the man he was a genius, to which he replied: “That’s why my friends call me ‘Dr. Slick.’”


Four Green Fields on Platt is one of my favorite bars in or around Downtown Tampa. Obviously it’s an Irish bar, which means they have Irish drinks and serve Irish food. Recently that led to the following exchange between the bartender and me.

Me: “Do you have Heineken?”

Bartender: “Nope.”

Me: “Do you have anything close?”

Bartender: “Nope.”

Thus, I ordered a Fat Tire.

Next, time to order dinner.

Me: “Do you have a Cuban sandwich?”

Bartender: “Nope.”

At least Patti smiled.

Speaking of Patti, we once went to dinner with her aunt at the old Malio’s on Dale Mabry. After spending years living in New Orleans drinking milk punch and hurricanes, Patti’s aunt seemingly had built up a great tolerance for alcohol. Surprisingly on this night she quickly got zonked. Her excuse: “Somebody slipped me a Mickey Finn.”

Finally, to my classmates from the Plant High, remember how we used to go to Gus and Lil’s to drink 40-cent drafts? For those who don’t remember, 18 was the legal drinking age in Florida, so we all started sooner. Anyway, I got to wondering if a 40-cent draft was really a good value back in 1974 when I first began inhabiting the establishment on Henderson, which is now known as Pete’s. That led me to the Consumer Price Index Inflation Calculator at the United States Department of Labor site. Accordingly, a 40-cent draft in 1974 would be priced at $1.93 in 2015. So I guess we were getting a pretty good value back in the day.

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