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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Back Tees for Caitlyn

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres for asking the question everybody has wanted an answer to when she queried Caitlyn Jenner, an avid golfer, if she played from the women’s tees.

800px-Ellen_DeGeneres_2 “Ellen DeGeneres 2” by photo by Alan Light.

Jenner maintained a sense of humor, offering a playful “don’t go there” before informing the audience that she still plays from the back tees.

Imagine the scramble invitations that could have been had Jenner decided otherwise. A world-class athlete hitting from the women’s tees…

Trips to New York always bring the best people watching. Over the weekend I got a kick out of the tennis crowd that was in town for the U.S. Open. Of note were the Euros dressed in tennis garb while smoking their exotic brands of cigarettes. And, an observation: Why is it that fans who attend tennis and golf matches feel compelled to dress as though they are about to play themselves? Tennis fans are bad, but golf fans are the worst. I mean, wearing soft spikes to the course? In defense of golf fans, drinking is usually involved, so those spikes could be viewed as a preventative measure for maintaining one’s ground on hills.

How about this snapshot from the bowels of Yankee Stadium following Friday night’s Rays-Yankees game? While I waited to go into the Rays’ clubhouse to gather post-game interviews, two men walked past — former Yankees pitcher David Cone and David Wells. Not two often that you see pitchers who have thrown perfect games walking side-by-side?

Finally, while taking the elevator down from the 17th floor of my New York hotel, I experienced a Jeff Foxworthy moment when a man joined me on the elevator. He looked at my luggage and asked: “You checking out?”

You can’t make that up.

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