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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Back to Bobby Dodd Stadium

Yes, I do have a skewed devotion to Georgia Tech football, so I found myself in Heaven Thursday night while attending the Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech game at Bobby Dodd Stadium at Grant Field.

800px-BobbyDoddStadiumGTMiami2008 Bobby Dodd Stadium (Wikimedia Commons)

Even though the Jackets led most of the night, I felt like I was watching a game of Monopoly unfold. Virginia Tech had hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place; Georgia Tech’s were on Baltic and Mediterranean. Sooner or later I knew the Jackets would land on the fatal destination and go broke paying the rent. They did, representing more of the same from a 3-7 season.

While nobody flipped over a coffee table and stomped from the room — the typical ending to any game of Monopoly — a handful of Georgia Tech fans sitting near me did manage to perpetuate the idea that the Atlanta engineering school has the dumbest smart fans in the country.

One of those fans lost his mind when a review didn’t go the Jackets’ way even though the replay clearly showed that the Georgia Tech receiver was out of bounds before making the catch. Convinced the fix was in, this red-faced fan nearly crushed the Pringles can he held before screaming: “We’ve got the Miami-Duke crew!”

Must be a conspiracy, call the Warren Commission and get the band back together.

Then, with under a minute to play and Georgia Tech trailing by two points, Paul Johnson called a timeout. That prompted a storm of rage toward the Georgia Tech coach for wasting the team’s final timeout. Ostensibly, the timeout would have been used prior to kicking the game-winning field goal. What Einsteins 1, 2, and 3 could not grasp was the fact Georgia Tech had bigger fish to fry at that juncture, like trying to come up with a play to convert on fourth and 27. They did not.

Oh well, I figure some Tech fans are equipped to ace thermodynamics, just not football.

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